Ryan Lopes of Visual Appeal, Multi-Hyphenate Creative Director

Ryan Lopes of Visual Appeal, Multi-Hyphenate Creative Director

By Alexander Walker

Ryan Lopes of Visual Appeal, Multi-Hyphenate Creative Director

Meet New England-based Creative Director and founder of Visual Appeal Blog, Ryan Lopes. Lopes has years of experience in freelance media consulting, brand development, content curation, and styling. His blog, Visual Appeal, serves as a platform to share his passion for contemporary design and style with his growing, like-minded audience. Lopes worked closely with our team here at et Tigre to bring our campaign vision for our upcoming nail polish release to life.



We’re excited to have you on the first installment of the Journal for et Tigre! Before we get into everything, can you share a little bit about yourself and what you do? Hey! I am very excited to be apart and kick things off! I am an East Coast based Creative, sharing bits of my lifestyle and work as an artist, styling, directing and sometimes consulting. I just like to enjoy things most.

When did you initially become interested in design, art, and style? I really became drawn to it all after finishing grade school and exploring my interests under my own creative control.

What ultimately led to you starting Visual Appeal Blog? I wanted to create an outlet that could serve as a platform for visual references, archives and how we standardize to view our present and future world, curated and compelled. I think that’s a large part of who I am and my work, navigating that and digging deeper, finding meaning.

You recently provided direction and imagery for our next nail polish release. How would you describe your approach to content creation? I was doing research on beauty campaigns in the early stages of design and fashion and how minimally oriented the campaigns and imagery were. Also, having personality throughout my images and relationships are often displayed, which I’ve learned from my work too— that there’s some feeling and intimacy displayed.


What has been inspiring you lately? My home, furniture and being present. It’s still a long work in progress and that entire meaning to me, but I am here, doing my best and giving my best with what I can. I’m still able to see light through that and create opportunity. My friends are always inspiring me, too. I appreciate them so much.

What has been your favorite recent purchase? Loungewear. I never loved it more until now!

What projects or blog posts should readers be keeping an eye out for? I’m working on some content and imagery for some small brands I feel so grateful to share something with, you will just have to follow along to see. I don’t want to kiss and tell in this regard just yet. ;) 

If you could pick the color and name for our next nail polish, what would it be? If I could pick the next color it would be a classic 90s type of Opal/White Jelly tone. Something about that tone is just enough, and reminds me of mid 2000's RiRi ;) — think Rolling Stone 2013 Cover. One of my favorites. Oops, also, I think the name is pretty obvi, haha, why not RiRi? 



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